Our Focus
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Pediatric Eye Care

We've cared for the vision needs of infants, adolescents, and teens for more than 20 years. The quality of their visual experience in the world is our focus.

Eye examinations
start in infancy

Why eye exams are so important

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Many vision problems are treatable only in childhood.

Children learn to see through experience. Early eye exams assure that your child's vision is developing normally.

Coordination, concentration, and balance are just a few of the visually integrated abilities that promote healthy physical development.

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The ability to see clearly is only one of the visual skills necessary to succeed in school. A professional eye exam also detects problems with tracking, coordinated use of the eyes, and the ability to re-focus.

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Parent's commitment to regular eye exams increases the likelihood of catching vision problems early. In our visually demanding world, prevention can equal success.

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