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Children of all ages are comfortable and relaxed with our specially trained staff.

Our practice is designed to make your child's appointment fun and educational.

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Meet Our Doctors

Dr Karen Preston

Karen Preston, OD

Dr. Preston is well known locally and nationally as an expert in pediatric optometry, serving the eye care needs of children for over 20 years.

A graduate of the College of Optometry at Pacific University and with postdoctoral research in infant vision at the University of Washington, Dr. Preston has worked closely with the Washington State Legislature and the national InfantSee program to bring attention to children’s vision.

Past-President of the Optometric Physicians of Washington, she established Northwest Pediatric Eye Care as a premier facility designed specifically for professional pediatric vision care.

"Visual skills are fundamental to social and educational success, and impact every aspect of your child’s early life. Early eye exams and follow-up vision management establish the quality of your child’s interaction with the visual world."

Dr. Preston has managed the eye care needs of an entire generation of young patients.


Dr Kevy Simmons

Rebekah Louie, OD

Dr. Louie specializes in functional vision disorders, strabismus and amblyopia, and pediatric primary care. She graduated from Southern California College of Optometry and went on to complete a residency term for advanced training in the fields of pediatrics and vision therapy.





Meet Our Staff



Marilla joined us in 2015 and acts as Dr. Preston's primary technician. She loves working with kids and always strives to make their exam as enjoyable as possible.



Arnique has served in the eye care field for almost 20 years and holds experience in just about every position in the office. She joined us in 2012 and works as technician for Dr. Louie. Having three children ranging from toddler to teenager, Arnique genuinely enjoys interacting with patients of all ages. Her cheerful nature and ability to create a comfortable atmosphere make her a valuable addition to our team.

Rachael_1 (9K)


Rachael is our front office manager and lead receptionist. She has been with us since 2007 and handles the majority of glasses and contact lens orders. Rachael enjoys greeting our young patients and seeing how they have grown through the years. She is committed to making each appointment an enjoyable experience and is always ready to provide service with a smile. She has one son and is deeply involved in her church.



Varsha is our afternoon receptionist and thoroughly enjoys greeting and interacting with children of all ages.



Roohi has been a patient at our office for several years and now works as our weekend receptionist. She enjoys interacting with patients and their families. She plans to enter medical school in the coming years.



Christina is our billing specialist. She is happy to guide you through the complexities of medical and vision insurances.

Jaco_1 (10K)


Jaco, our resident poodle, makes weekly appearances at the office and is ready to help anyone who needs a little help through a difficult eye exam. He speaks “kid.”

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